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Thinking Of A Global Enterprise Startup? Think Switzerland

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Thinking Of A Global Enterprise Startup? Think Switzerland
09 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

Switzerland is leveling up its appeal as a global enterprise startup ecosystem and is working its way through. The Federal Council, one of the top decision-making authorities of the European nation has authorized the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research to examine how Switzerland’s startup ecosystem functions and what is the scope of progress and improvement, the report suggested with better technology, internationalization, financing, and better-skilled labor, the country is bound to achieve new heights of growth and success, more detailed findings from this research are expected in June 2022. 

As India is growing and excelling as a major startup destination, global markets and leaders are excited to welcome newer technology and talent from India to Switzerland. Reports suggest that investment bankers and law firms are determined to explore Switzerland’s potential as a global startup hub, given the Swizz government’s recent announcements. 

The latest report shows that the Swiss startup ecosystem is in a good shape and with some improvement in technology transfer, internationalization, funding, skilled labor, the country will be able to support extensive startup programs and this strategy will help it grow actively in the global market. 


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