The Union Budget 2023 is Addressed to Every Indian & Towards Nation Building, says PM Modi

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The Union Budget 2023 is Addressed to Every Indian & Towards Nation Building, says PM Modi
08 Feb 2023
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News Synopsis

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the nation on the Union Budget 2023, highlighting its focus on building a self-reliant India and improving the lives of every citizen. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the budget as a means to achieve national growth and progress.

PM Modi stated that the Union Budget 2023 is aimed at every Indian and is focused on nation building. He said that the budget takes into account the needs of farmers, workers, the middle class, and the poor, and is designed to create new opportunities for all citizens. The Prime Minister added that the budget is also focused on creating a self-reliant India and will help to promote the country's economic growth and development.

The Prime Minister highlighted the key features of the budget, including increased investments in infrastructure, education, and health. He also emphasized the importance of creating a favorable business environment and boosting entrepreneurship, which will create new job opportunities and contribute to the country's growth.

PM Modi also touched upon the government's efforts to modernize the country's banking and financial sector, which will help to improve the accessibility and affordability of financial services for all citizens. He emphasized the importance of financial inclusion and said that the government is committed to making digital transactions accessible and convenient for everyone.

The Prime Minister concluded his address by saying that the Union Budget 2023 is a budget for all Indians and that it will help to create a strong, self-reliant, and inclusive India. He encouraged all citizens to join hands in building a better future for the country and urged everyone to contribute to the nation's growth and progress.

The Union Budget 2023 has received widespread support from various sectors of society and is being hailed as a visionary step towards building a self-reliant India. The budget is expected to have a positive impact on the country's economy and the lives of its citizens, and is a step in the right direction towards creating a better future for all.

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