Tesla’s S Plaid Model to Debut in China March

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Tesla’s S Plaid Model to Debut in China March
24 Nov 2021
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News Synopsis

Tesla’s CEO has announced that it will launch the Model S Plaid in China in the month of March next year. Elon Musk revealed the information by replying to a tweet that asked about the time for Tesla’s launch in China. The news has led to a surge in the stocks of Tesla. Tesla saw a surge of up to 6% on Monday. The new model is laced up with the latest features including 1,000 horsepower. 

The Wedbush analyst Danial Ives has highlighted that the country will represent around 40% of the deliveries of Tesla in 2022.  The demand for Tesla vehicles has increased in the year-end n China with the EV makers running late for vehicles sales in China. The surge also led to the fall in the stock value of other electric vehicles company like Lucid and Rivian by 10%.

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