Tesla: Robots And Full Self-Driving Equals More Upside

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Tesla: Robots And Full Self-Driving Equals More Upside
06 Oct 2022
6 min read

News Synopsis

One of the biggest manufacturers of electric vehicles worldwide and a leader in self-driving vehicle technology is Tesla. A stunning AI Day with a bevy of robots and supercomputers was recently unveiled by the corporation. The total addressable market for Tesla has grown due to the development of a robot for mass production. The company is already prepared to lead trends in solar energy, battery storage, electric vehicles, and other areas. I'm going to break out Tesla AI Day in this post and add the financial information to my valuation model.

One of the biggest businessmen of our time and a true showman is Elon Musk. His humour, humility, and broad vision more than make up for the fact that he doesn't speak with the same elegance as someone like Steve Jobs by capturing the attention of both customers and investors.

The perfect platform for Elon Musk and Tesla to present their most cutting-edge new technologies is Tesla AI Day. This AI Day had been particularly intriguing because Musk had revealed at the previous AI Day in 2021 that they were constructing a "useful robot" dubbed Optimus. Musk kept his word and unveiled a robot that resembled a humanoid and slowly moved around before waving to the spectators.

As a prototype, Musk was careful to avoid giving the robot any difficult duties to avoid embarrassing Tesla if it failed "flat on its face." Musk did, however, display videos of the robot actively assisting in the Tesla offices, picking up packages and other minor duties.

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