Terra’s LUNA becomes the Only Crypto to gain 3%

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Terra’s LUNA becomes the Only Crypto to gain 3%
25 Jan 2022
4 min read

News Synopsis

Terra’s LUNA cryptocurrency currently is the only major player in the crypto market to have gained above 3% in the last 24 hours. It is one of few cryptos to gain prices over the past week as most of the cryptocurrencies are falling down abruptly. 

The reasons behind why the cryptocurrency is able to hold its range are believed to be the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) for the launch of RoboHero, a metaverse game for smartphones based on the Luna token. Binance has also completed LUNA’s integration and has activated deposits for the altcoin.

With the valuation of cryptocurrencies falling continuously, investors are worried about the industry going cold. Bitcoin, the highest valued cryptocurrency has been continuously falling ever since November 2021 taking its value to the lowest in six months $38,000.

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