Telegram Has Come Up With New Features, Unique To WhatsApp

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 Telegram Has Come Up With New Features, Unique To WhatsApp
07 Sep 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Telegram is progressively making its app more attractive by adding new features every month, and its popularity and popularity has grown this year, especially in India. Telegram offers many cool features like screen sharing, message scheduling, personal cloud storage, chat folders that WhatsApp doesn't have.

Telegram has come up with a chat folder option. This chat folder is a great feature, it makes Telegram more than just a messaging app, it is an open-source platform used for public discussion and one-way broadcast communication. So, if you have too many channels in the main list, you can split them into various folders.

Telegram brings a schedule message option which is unlike WhatsApp. Users can schedule posts as well as edit them whenever they want. The maximum time you can edit your text messages is two days after they are sent. This feature is available for both private and group chats. This feature is very useful for the users. Often, we make mistakes while typing, so, editing feature will be very helpful.

Telegram also offers message storage and cloud storage options. People can access your messages from multiple devices at the same time, including tablets and computers. The application also has a personal "Saved Messages" section that allows you to use it as a notebook. WhatsApp allows you to archive chats, but Telegram offers the best way to access hidden chats. On WhatsApp, you need to scroll down the chat window to find the Archive section.