TCS Forms Partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, Stock Rises

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TCS Forms Partnership with Jaguar Land Rover, Stock Rises
23 May 2023
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News Synopsis

TCS's Collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) witnessed a surge in its stock price as it entered into a significant partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). The collaboration revolves around the launch of JLR's Open Innovation Programme in Israel, an initiative aimed at co-creating innovative mobility solutions with startups. This strategic alliance contributes to JLR's broader Reimagine strategy, which focuses on transforming the company's approach to mobility in the modern era.

Expanding JLR's Open Innovation Programme

Building on their longstanding partnership, TCS will assist JLR in extending its Open Innovation Programme to Israel. The aim is to foster disruptive innovation in the mobility sector and forge stronger connections between JLR and Israeli startups, scale-ups, corporate entities, investors, and academia. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the Israeli ecosystem, JLR seeks to accelerate its electric-first modern luxury future and stay at the forefront of mobility advancements.

TCS's Key Contributions and Capabilities

TCS has been a trusted partner of JLR for over a decade, collaborating on various transformation initiatives across the automotive manufacturer's value chain. Their joint efforts have encompassed sustainability initiatives and digital services, contributing to JLR's success in adapting to evolving industry trends. This latest partnership solidifies TCS's role in supporting JLR's Reimagine strategy and further strengthening their collaboration in driving innovation and growth.

Leveraging TCS's Co-Innovation Network (COIN)

To facilitate JLR's Open Innovation Programme in Israel, TCS will harness its Co-Innovation Network (COIN) based in the country. COIN serves as a platform for identifying local technology offerings and scaling them into global mobility solutions and services. The collaboration will explore opportunities in crucial areas such as electrification, connectivity, digital services, metaverse, intelligent enterprise, manufacturing, supply chain, and sustainability. By tapping into Israel's vibrant startup ecosystem, the partnership aims to accelerate the development of groundbreaking mobility solutions.

Positive Market Response and Future Prospects

TCS's collaboration with JLR has garnered positive market response, resulting in a rise in the company's stock price on the BSE. Investors recognize the significance of this strategic partnership in driving innovation and future growth. As an IT services, consulting, and business solutions organization, TCS brings its extensive experience and expertise to support JLR's transformation journey and facilitate the realization of its ambitious Reimagine strategy.


TCS's partnership with Jaguar Land Rover in launching the Open Innovation Programme in Israel underscores their joint commitment to driving mobility innovation. Through this collaboration, JLR aims to leverage the Israeli startup ecosystem, while TCS contributes its technological capabilities and industry experience. The successful implementation of the programme is expected to propel JLR's Reimagine strategy, solidifying their position as a frontrunner in the electric-first luxury mobility market.

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