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A Surge In Coronavirus Infections May Endanger The Growth Of Germany

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26 Nov 2021
4 min read
TWN In-Focus

News Synopsis

A rush in the number of Covid cases in Germany is burdening buyer confidence in Europe's biggest economy, last hope of business possibilities in the Christmas shopping season, and taking steps to kick away its final last hope of development.

The GfK foundation said on Thursday its buyer opinion list, because of an overview of around 2,000 Germans, tumbled to - 1.6 focuses heading into December, from a changed 1.0 focuses a month sooner.

GfK economist Rolf Buerkl said the fourth wave in the COVID-19 pandemic, with infection rates rising rapidly and hospitals reaching capacity limits, was causing concerns that more restrictions for shops and restaurants would follow."This is due to catch-up effects in the service sector. Restaurants, bars, and the hotel industry, in particular, benefited," VP Bank Group analyst Thomas Gitzel said.