Sterlite Technologies Introduced An Optical Solution For 5G Rollout

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Sterlite Technologies Introduced An Optical Solution For 5G Rollout
04 Oct 2022
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News Synopsis

On Sunday, Sterlite Technologies Ltd launched 5G Cosmos, an optical solution for small cells and towers for a quick rollout of 5G. Sterlite Technologies asserts that telecom operators must view fiberization through a futuristic lens.

The company claimed that in order to deliver 5G services of the highest quality, tower fiberization must rise from roughly 35% to 80%. Additionally, Sterlite Technologies stated that up to 4X tiny cells, backhauling with fiber, will be needed for 5G.

According to the corporation, scale and rollout speed are limitations for India's fiber market. According to the company, these issues may be resolved and every tower, small cell, and the node can be connected using 5G Cosmos, a unique Atmanirbhar solution.

Pankaj Miglani, Director of Supply Chain Management at Bharti Airtel, announced the launch of 5G Cosmos at IMC 2022  "We are readying our infrastructure for 5G and fiberisation is a core need. We are happy to see the use cases that 5G Cosmos can solve for telcos and enable us to deliver a great 5G experience to our customers."

Managing Director, at Sterlite Technologies, Ankit Agarwal, stated:  "Indian telecom operators are ready to install fibre-dense networks for 5G. This will need an integrated and futuristic solution. We have built 5G Cosmos to enable fiberisation of macro and small cells at scale and achieve the full potential of 5G."

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