Springboard: Digital Skilling Programme From Infosys

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Springboard: Digital Skilling Programme From Infosys
04 Sep 2021
8 min read


News Synopsis

Infosys is an Indian Multinational Information Technology company. The digital program is beneficial in many ways for the company and for everyone who plans to join the program. The program is for the students of class 6 and everyone else. Anyone including a high school student and a college student can participate in the program.

The name of the skilling program is Springboard and the company has collaborated with the world’s leading digital educators for this program. It is accessible through any device and will help in learning corporate experiences for the learners. The application for the program is available on Google play store and apple store. 

There are many benefits of the program, the students will be given an opportunity to learn mostly by practical instead of just using the theoretical method. The platform will also provide many opportunities to teachers as well. It will allow teachers to have a better collaboration with the learners using the specific features of the application.

With the rise in digital learning platforms, the skilling program will benefit the company and the users as well. As the program does not have limitations on who can participate in the program, anyone who wants to join in the program can easily participate and be a learner. In the current scenario, the number of users of online or digital learning platforms has increased and this program provides everyone one more option to learn many new things.



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