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Spotify's Upcoming Hi-Fi Feature Unveiled

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Spotify's Upcoming Hi-Fi Feature Unveiled
04 May 2024
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News Synopsis

Initially announced in September 2021, Spotify Hi-Fi was touted as the new lossless streaming service for the popular music playback app. It was expected to launch by the end of 2021, promising significantly higher audio quality than the existing bitrate of 320kbps.

Expected Audio Quality:

  • With Spotify Hi-Fi, users can anticipate a substantial upgrade in audio quality, with streaming reaching up to 1411kbps, offering a much richer and detailed listening experience.

Leaked Details and Testing:

  • Recent leaks, originating from OhltsTom on Reddit via Android Authority, suggest that Spotify is currently testing the feature, possibly under the name "Enhanced Listening."

  • Screenshots from version 1.2.36 of Spotify's desktop app reveal insights into how the service might function and the available options for users once the feature is live.

Functionality and Options:

  • The leaked screenshots indicate that users will be able to enjoy their music in "highest quality" (lossless) offline, provided they have adjusted their download settings accordingly.

  • The streaming bitrate is depicted as 2117 kbps, potentially consuming 15.9MB of data per minute for high-quality streaming.

  • Additionally, Spotify hints at offering 24-bit lossless audio on selected songs, playable via the FLAC audio format, further enhancing the fidelity of the listening experience.

Connectivity and Access:

  • Spotify Hi-Fi won't be limited to in-line connections; instead, it will allow for high-end streaming within Wi-Fi networks, as indicated by the feature named Spotify Connect.

  • This approach ensures that users can enjoy superior audio quality without the constraints of wired connections, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Release Date Speculations:

  • While the exact release date for Spotify Hi-Fi remains undisclosed, the leaked screenshots have sparked anticipation among users.

  • Speculations suggest that the service could be in its final stages of development and might be officially unveiled at the HIGH END Munich 2024 show, according to suggestions from Reddit users.


  • Spotify Hi-Fi represents a significant advancement in audio streaming technology, promising unparalleled sound quality and immersive listening experiences for users.

  • As anticipation builds, users eagerly await the official launch of the service, poised to revolutionize their music streaming experience with superior audio fidelity and connectivity options.

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