Snapchat Rolls Out Chatbot Powered By ChatGPT

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Snapchat Rolls Out Chatbot Powered By ChatGPT
20 Apr 2023
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News Synopsis

The Snapchat creator Snap said on Wednesday that all users of the app may now access its customizable My AI chatbot. Until recently, only paid customers to Snapchat+ could access the feature, which is powered by the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT.

According to the company, the program can produce a haiku in a few seconds and provides recommendations, answers users' questions, assists in planning, and other functions. It may be discussed with friends when it is accompanied with "@MyAI." To further customize it, users may also give it a name and create a unique Bitmoji avatar.

The action was taken more than a month after ChatGPT's creator OpenAI allowed third-party businesses to use their chatbot. Among the first partners to test integrating ChatGPT were Snap, Instacart, and the tutoring apps Quizlet.

Since it was made available to the general public in November 2022, ChatGPT has astounded a lot of users with its amazing capacity to produce unique essays, stories, and song lyrics in response to user questions. The initial surge of interest in the tool rekindled a competition among IT companies to create and integrate comparable AI technologies into their offerings.

The initial group of businesses utilizing ChatGPT's features all have somewhat different ideas about how to use it. However, when combined, these services may serve as a means of gauging how practical AI chatbots can be in daily life and how eagerly users are willing to engage with them in their favorite applications for customer service and other purposes.

The risk of adding ChatGPT functionalities is also possible. The technology, which was developed using reams of web data, has the capacity to reply to people in ways that they may not find suitable and even disseminate inaccurate data.

On Wednesday, Snap wrote in a blog post that “My AI is far from perfect but we’ve made a lot of progress.”

For instance, it claimed that 99.5% of My AI's replies adhere to its community guidelines. According to Snap, the modifications were made to  “help protect against responses that could be inappropriate or harmful.” The business incorporated moderation technology and the new functionality to its in-app parental controls, according to the firm.

The company stated, “We will continue to use these early learnings to make AI a more safe, fun, and useful experience, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts,”

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