Shortages The World Is Facing Currently

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Shortages The World Is Facing Currently
19 Oct 2021
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TWN Special

News Synopsis

China: Coal And Paper

The issue is primarily due to a power outage. New mine safety checks, stronger environmental laws, and recent flooding have all harmed coal production. Firms have been encouraged to decrease their energy use or close on some days.

US: Toys And Toilet Paper

Congestion at US ports is contributing to the problem. Only two ports handle four out of every ten shipping containers entering the United States. Occasionally, shortages have resulted from persistent Covid-related issues in other nations.

India: Cars And Computer Chips

Part of the reason for this is a global shortage of computer chips, which is affecting India's automakers. Another increase in demand resulted from the transition to home-working and the introduction of new 5G technologies. The country's own energy disruption has exacerbated the scarcity of components going into India.

Brazil: Coffee And Water

A dismal coffee harvest this year is largely due to Brazil's worst drought in nearly a century. It has contributed to a major drop in coffee yield when combined with frosts and the normal cycle of harvests. High transportation prices and a lack of containers have exacerbated the difficulties faced by coffee farmers.

Nigeria: Cooking Gas

The price of LNG increased by over 60%, many households and businesses resorted to far dirtier charcoal, or firewood, for cooking. A global supply deficit is one of the causes behind the price increase. The weakening of the currency and the reintroduction of LNG tariffs are likely to have exacerbated the problem.

Lebanon: Water And Medicines

The country has been in the grip of an economic crisis for the past 18 months, with three-quarters of the population living in poverty. The epidemic has exacerbated the situation. Fuel shortages have resulted in frequent power outages, forcing businesses and families to rely on costly private diesel generators.


TWN Special