SC/ST Medical and Engineering Students to Get Free Coaching From Odisha State Government

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SC/ST Medical and Engineering Students to Get Free Coaching From Odisha State Government
27 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 27 January 2023

The "Chatra Protsahan Yojana" which would offer free coaching to students in the state for medical and engineering entrance exams was launched by the Odisha government on Monday.

Seven Centers of Excellence in SC and ST schools will be created by the state's ST and SC Development Department where 320 such students will get Free Education each year. The Higher Secondary School students will be pushed by the centers to go to college. According to the government, its primary goal is to discover and support young ST/SC students who have the capacity to continue higher study in the fields of engineering and medicine.

Students who have passed entering class from SSD High Schools will be chosen based on their performance in Std. X and a selection exam. Over 30.000 ST/SC students take the year higher secondary school examination each year.

With the coaching agencies selected for this program, MoUs are signed. The chosen ST/SC students in the proposed Centres of Excellence would get on-site Medical and Engineering coaching as well as preparational training from these agencies.

Dr. Amar Patnaik, a Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament delivered 200 tablets to the kids who will be part of the program during the event held to launch the program.

I was happy to present 200 tablets from MPLAD to our state's meritorious SC and ST students who will receive personalized instruction for engineering and medical tests via the Chatra Protshahan Scheme of the Government of Odisha. Tweeted by Dr. Amar Patnaik.

Last Updated on 06 October 2021

SC/ST students come from highly marginalized communities and therefore cannot afford the same things that their peers can. This is why it is very often that we see their reserved seats never getting full and the students who do appear for exams, face extreme pressure. To battle this and empower students from marginalized sections of our society. The Odisha government has decided to provide free coaching services to SC/ST students who will appear for Medical and Engineering exams. 

This is a great decision by the government as these exams are quite tough and one needs professional counseling to crack these entrance examinations. The coaching centers that offer classes are very expensive and only students from financially stable backgrounds can afford them. That’s why offering less privileged students these classes for free is a great decision taken by the Odisha government. Now every great idea needs great execution to become something. Therefore the government should make sure that these classes function at the same level as other expensive coaching classes otherwise it wouldn’t make much of a change.