Robotic and Automation Technologies are moving into the global Markets

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Robotic and Automation Technologies are moving into the global Markets
12 Jan 2023
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Latest Updated on 12 January 2023

As part of the Ansys Startup Program, Halodi Robotics uses Ansys simulation software to create humanoid robots that can interact with people in common settings. Humanoid robots can help with the developing labor shortage by leaving key individuals to focus on jobs that call for their advanced skills.

These robots will carry out activities including night building patrols grocery store shelf packing and hospital management. Ansys assisted Halodi Robotics cut the time of the development process by months with the help of Elite Channel Partner EDRMedeso.

Robotic devices have only ever been seen performing precise repetitive tasks in workplaces up to this point. The primary difference between humanoid robots and other robots is that humanoid robots can interact with the outside environment in a manner similar to that of humans.

Safety is the most important component of achieving a successful deployment since it allows us to achieve that. Engineers at Halodi Robotics used Ansys to create motors strong enough to challenge warehouse packages while yet being delicate enough to reach for a laptop and transfer it to a human employee.

In Norway's Sunnaas Hospital this spring Halodi Robotics tested their robot EVE as logistical support for medical staff. The hospital determined that by using EVE as an assistant it may be possible to free up the 200 hours that nurses now spend on basic logistics tasks so that they can focus more of their time on patient care.

Safety must come first when designing a humanoid robot that will interact with and operate among people, says Bernt Øivind Børnich, CEO of Halodi Robotics. We want to design a device that is passively safe so that even if everything bad happens the robot is still safe.

Our second generation of motors were developed in a fraction of the time using Ansys software to model the design of powerful yet safe electric motor systems."

Engineers at Halodi Robotics created motors that replicate biological systems such as human muscles using the Ansys Motor-CAD simulation software. Motors with ultrahigh torque and low speed are used to power threads of synthetic fiber that are coupled to actuators. The high power and low energy interactions needed by humanoid robots are given by these motors.

We're in the wonder of what Halodi Robotics has done to achieve, says Walt Hearn vice president of global sales and customer excellence at Ansys. Engineers are creating humanoid robots that are safe to operate around people with the help of the Ansys software. A key advancement in robotics technology is allowing robots to interact with people outside of limited protected industrial environments.

Last Updated on 13 September 2021

Now, Artificial Intelligence is supplying excellent assistance in the world markets. Today many corporations intimate robotic and automation to technical facilities to their customers like Reliance, Amazon, Flipkart, and Google. The companies are expanding their presence all across the world. The main target markets for these companies are Europe, Singapore, and Australia. It is to enhance the demand for artificial intelligence and robotic serving among the customers. Also, they want to increase demand for robotics and automation solutions in the global market. The global market of artificial intelligence increased to $27.73 billion in 2020. Recently, Hong Kong has launched a robotic doctor to diagnoses the Covid -19 symptoms among the patients. Robotic and automatic technologies have been becoming a part of human life.

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