Retail Inflation Eases Further To 5.3% In August

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Retail Inflation Eases Further To 5.3% In August
14 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

As of August, India's retail inflation rate was 5.3 percent, down from 5.59 percent in July. Prices have risen between 4 and 6 percent for the second consecutive month, which is within the RBI's tolerance range. This month, food prices decreased by 3.11 percent as a result of lower inflation. Economic recovery throughout the globe is beginning after a pandemic ravaged the global economy earlier this year. It led to a spike in Global Commodity Prices as a result. Governor Shaktikanta Das stated that RBI aims to manage inflation between 2 and 6 percent and strive towards attaining a 4 percent inflation objective over time. As the economy rebounds from the pandemic lows, keeping rates low and focused on growth will be simpler.

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