Reliance Jio Launched 5G Services In Pune

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Reliance Jio Launched 5G Services In Pune
24 Nov 2022
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News Synopsis

The launch of Jio True 5G services in Pune was announced on Wednesday by Reliance Jio, the largest telecom provider in India.

According to a statement from the company, beginning on November 23, Jio users in Pune will be invited to the Jio Welcome Offer to experience Unlimited Data at up to 1 Gbps plus speeds at no additional cost"

The statement added, "Jio begins Beta testing of its True 5G network in a city only when a large part of the city is covered by its StandAlone True 5G network, so that Jio customers get good coverage and experience the most advanced Jio 5G network,"

The company stated that "Jio True 5G will be a true game changer for Punekars". because Pune has a sizable student population, is an important IT center, and is also known for its prominence in the automotive and industrial sectors.

A company spokeswoman said: "Post the launch of Jio True 5G in 12 cities, a large number of Jio users have enrolled in the Jio Welcome Offer thereby helping Jio with customer and service feedback to create what will be the most advanced 5G network anywhere in the world," 

The spokesperson added that the amount of data used on Jio's True 5G network is many times greater than the amount of data currently used on the 4G network. "...this data experience is being delivered at break-neck speeds ranging anywhere between 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps and at extremely low latency that enables use-cases across various verticals that only a True 5G network can bring to life". the spokesperson said.

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