Reliance-Disney Merger Nears Completion: Talks Enter Final Stage Before Feb 17 Deadline

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Reliance-Disney Merger Nears Completion: Talks Enter Final Stage Before Feb 17 Deadline
12 Feb 2024
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News Synopsis

Reliance Industries Limited, led by Mukesh Ambani, is on the brink of acquiring Walt Disney Co, with final negotiations underway. This mega stock-and-cash merger aims to shape India's largest business and entertainment entity. As the exclusivity period deadline of February 17 looms, Reliance plans a substantial cash injection of up to $1.5 billion into the venture.

Ownership Structure:

In this strategic alliance, Reliance Industries will secure a majority stake of 60% in the combined entity, solidifying its position as a major player. The remaining 40% ownership will be held by Walt Disney Co. Within Reliance's 60%, Viacom18 is slated to receive 42-45%, emerging as the largest single shareholder in the new entity.

Viacom18, a joint venture involving Viacom (Paramount Global) and Ambani's TV18, has been a significant player in India's media landscape since its establishment in 2007.

Reliance-Disney merger Deal Dynamics:

The negotiation process is intensifying as both parties strive to meet the February 17 deadline. To ensure the deal's success, the Big 4 firms (Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young, and KPMG), along with multiple law firms and company executives, are conducting thorough diligence from both perspectives. While the deadline can be extended mutually, the commitment from top leadership on both sides underscores the determination to resolve any outstanding issues and finalize the deal by the fiscal year-end.

New Entity Board and Dynamics:

The anticipated board of the new entity is poised to comprise up to nine members, including representation from Walt Disney Co with three designated representatives. This strategic collaboration is not only a financial alignment but also a melding of expertise and leadership from both entities, setting the stage for a robust and dynamic business and entertainment venture.

Key details of Reliance-Disney merger:

  • Deadline Looming: February 17 marks the end of the exclusivity period for negotiations, with both parties aiming to finalize the deal by then.

  • Reliance Takes the Lead: Ambani's company will hold a majority 60% stake in the combined entity, while Disney will own the remaining 40%.

  • Viacom18 Holds Major Share: Within Reliance's 60%, Viacom18, a joint venture between Reliance and Paramount Global, will hold a significant 42-45% stake, making it the single largest shareholder.

  • Bodhi Tree Systems Involved: As a 13.08% stakeholder in Viacom18, Bodhi Tree Systems will indirectly hold shares in the new entity.

  • Finalizing the Deal: Both sides are working diligently to finalize the agreement, with the help of Big 4 accounting firms and legal teams. An extension of the deadline is possible, but both parties are committed to closing the deal by the fiscal year-end.

  • Board Composition: The new entity's board is expected to have up to nine members, including three representatives from Disney.

Reliance-Disney merger Potential Impact:

  • India's Entertainment Landscape: This merger has the potential to significantly reshape India's media and entertainment industry, creating a formidable competitor for existing players.

  • Global Reach: The combined entity would benefit from Disney's international presence and vast content library, further expanding its reach and influence.

  • Economic Growth: The deal could potentially boost India's economy by creating new jobs and attracting investments.

Uncertainties Remain:

  • Regulatory Approvals: The deal will require regulatory clearances from Indian authorities, which could potentially delay its completion.

  • Integration Challenges: Merging two large companies with distinct cultures and operations can be complex, and successful integration will be crucial for the long-term success of the new entity.


Overall, the potential Reliance-Disney merger is a major development in the Indian business and entertainment landscape. While uncertainties remain, the deal holds significant promise for both companies and the Indian economy.

As Reliance Industries inches closer to sealing the deal with Walt Disney Co, the merger's impact on India's business and entertainment landscape is poised to be transformative. With meticulous negotiations and strategic financial injections, the collaboration is positioned to reshape the industry and create a powerhouse entity with diverse capabilities.

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