Dutch Regulators Reject Apple’s Proposed App Store Changes

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Dutch Regulators Reject Apple’s Proposed App Store Changes
05 May 2022
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News Synopsis

The Dutch consumer watchdog has rejected Apple's proposed App Store changes to allow dating app developers to use third-party payment systems. According to the Coalition for App Fairness, the latest proposal of Apple for dating-app providers was deemed insufficient by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets order. The Dutch regulator has already charged Apple millions in fines and the company ought to face similar penalties.

Apple's proposal, which got here 10 weeks after it changed into required to pay 50 million euros in penalty fines, changed into rejected as it imposed unnecessary requirements developing friction with the purpose to deter dating app builders from taking gain of the ACM order.

As competition authorities in Europe and around the world are taking decisive steps to create a fairer and free app ecosystem, Apple continuously doing everything possible to defend its monopoly position at all costs. 

Apple said that the dating app developers can either use a third-party payment system or Apple’s, but would not be allowed to use both. It also said that the developers need a warning for users that they are about to interact with a system that Apple does not control.

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