Queen Elizabeth Back On Duty, After Hospital Stay

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Queen Elizabeth Back On Duty, After Hospital Stay
23 Oct 2021
6 min read
TWN Exclusive

News Synopsis

Queen Elizabeth was hospitalized on Wednesday but now the reports are coming out that the queen is back in the palace and is getting ready to work again. The queen was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital in central London for some of the physical tests. 

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband passed away this year in April. The queen has taken over the official functioning ever since. Palace officials have said that the queen is punctual and does not like to delay the work. This is the reason why she has not stayed at the hospital. The news has also come out that the queen has handed over some of the work to Price Charles and to the other royal officials. 

The queen has had multiple surgeries in the past including an eye cataract in 2018 and a knee operation in 2003, but this is nothing too much to worry about. The officials have confirmed that this is nothing about Covid and the queen only had some minimal health issues.

The world's oldest and longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom has to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland due to being hospitalized. 


TWN Exclusive