Plans to Restrict Gaming in China

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Plans to Restrict Gaming in China
06 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

The government of China plans to tighten strict rules on the time children spend gaming online. Giant gaming companies like Tencent will use facial recognition to enforce the rules. “You will have to link your real ID to your gaming account and Tencent will make you scan your face if you’re playing late night games. So even if your ID says you’re an adult, if you’re playing late night games, they’ll assume that you are minor unless you scan your face.” Such regulation, which affects adults and children, would be unacceptable in many countries.

Lisa Cosmas Hanson, whose market research firm Niko Partners analyses the Asian games market, points out that for years China banned the import of games consoles.On the other hand competition between the game-streaming platforms to attract star players is hotting up. For football fans the big news this week has been the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus to Manchester United, but for many gamers, it was two of Twitch's biggest stars - Tim The Tatman and Dr. Lupo - moving to stream competitor YouTube.

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