Pepsico Goes Plastic Free For The First Time

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Pepsico Goes Plastic Free For The First Time
17 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

PepsiCo, like many other consumer packaged goods (CPG) firms, has made environmental footprint reduction commitments in the past. However, its most recent declaration looks to embrace a far more ambitious plan. PepsiCo made a commitment just two years ago to reduce the amount of virgin plastic in all of its beverages by 35% by 2025. By 2030, it wants to have cut down on beverage and food consumption by half. Few materials have been as aggressively attacked as plastic as businesses have made commitments to reduce their waste. Both PepsiCo and competitor Coca-Cola have taken a lot of heat from environmentalists who claim that the beverage companies aren't doing enough to minimize the amount of packaging they use.

Coca-Cola says it makes 120 billion bottles of single-use plastic each year, while the Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports that PepsiCo uses 2.3 million amounts of solid waste each year. The New York beverage and snack business also said it has invested in food packaging technology and is now releasing a totally biodegradable bag made from plant-based materials for its Off The Eaten Path brand. A PepsiCo spokesperson stated that the company is open to licensing the same technology for free in order to spur the development of a sustainable food packaging system.

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