Pedigree India ropes in Varun Dhawan as first brand ambassador

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Pedigree India ropes in Varun Dhawan as first brand ambassador
10 Oct 2023
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News Synopsis

Mars Petcare, a prominent name in the pet care and nutrition industry, has appointed popular actor and proud dog parent, Varun Dhawan, as the inaugural Indian brand ambassador for Pedigree India.

This exciting collaboration introduces an ad film that not only celebrates the bond between pets and their owners but also emphasizes the significance of providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition to furry companions.

Varun Dhawan's Involvement:

As part of this partnership, Pedigree India unveiled a cricket-themed digital ad film on Disney+ Hotstar. Conceptualized by 22feet Tribal Worldwide, the heartwarming film features playful banter between

Varun Dhawan and a lovable Pedigree dog as they enjoy a cricket match together. The dog's surprising strength and agility become a focal point in the film, with Pedigree being revealed as the source of his vitality.

Nutrition as a Priority:

Mars Petcare recognizes the paramount importance of nutrition in the lives of pets. Young pet parents are increasingly conscientious about providing the best for their furry friends.

Pedigree India is dedicated to delivering 100% complete and balanced nutrition, catering to the specific needs of pets at various life stages, activity levels, and growth requirements. This ensures that dogs receive precisely tailored nutrition for their optimal health.

Salil Murthy's Perspective:

Salil Murthy, Managing Director of MARS Petcare India, highlights the company's commitment to offering comprehensive and well-rounded nutrition for pets: "At Mars Petcare, we understand how important nutrition is to our consumers, especially for young pet parents who want to be responsible pet guardians. We have seen a significant shift in the way pet parents think about nutrition for their pets, and we are committed to providing 100% complete and balanced nutrition with Pedigree."

Varun Dhawan's Statement:

Varun Dhawan, the new brand ambassador, expresses his honor in championing pet well-being alongside a brand dedicated to delivering top-notch nutrition: "Eating right is important not just for humans, but also for pets, given the profound impact they have on our lives. It is an honor to champion their well-being alongside a brand that is truly committed to delivering 100% complete and balanced meals."

Relevant and latest facts for the above news:

  • According to a recent study by Mars Petcare, 85% of Indian pet parents believe that their pets are family members.

  • The study also found that 70% of Indian pet parents are concerned about the quality of food they are feeding their pets.

  • Pedigree is one of the leading pet food brands in India, and its products are available in over 100,000 retail outlets across the country.

  • Pedigree offers a wide range of products for dogs of all ages and breeds, including dry food, wet food, treats, and supplements.


Pedigree's partnership with Varun Dhawan is a significant development in the Indian pet care industry. It is expected to raise awareness about the importance of complete and balanced nutrition for dogs, and encourage pet parents to be more responsible guardians.

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