OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT Experience: Users Can Now Directly Access GPTs in Conversations

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OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT Experience: Users Can Now Directly Access GPTs in Conversations
31 Jan 2024
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News Synopsis

OpenAI has introduced a new feature for paid users of ChatGPT, enabling them to seamlessly access third-party apps, referred to as GPTs, directly within their chat sessions. This enhancement offers a more interactive and integrated experience for users.

1. Accessing GPTs in Chats:

Paid users can now incorporate GPTs into their conversations by simply typing "@" and selecting a GPT from the provided list. This streamlined process enhances the utility of ChatGPT, allowing users to integrate various tools within their chats effortlessly.

2. GPT Mechanism:

The chosen GPTs have a comprehensive understanding of the entire conversation. Users can tag in different GPTs based on their specific needs and use cases. This feature allows the added GPTs to enter the conversation with a contextual understanding of prior discussions, ensuring relevance and coherence.

3. GPT Variety and Monetization Plans:

OpenAI has made creating GPTs user-friendly, requiring no coding skills. Examples of available GPTs include a trail finder from AllTrails, Khan Academy's coding tutor, and a design tool from Canva. The company plans to introduce monetization options for developers interested in selling their GPTs, with the goal of boosting traffic to custom GPTs.

Challenges and Opportunities: Moderation and Traffic Boost:

While the potential is vast, challenges remain. OpenAI faces the hurdle of attracting users to custom GPTs, with current data showing only 2.7% of ChatGPT's traffic engaging with them. Additionally, moderation concerns emerged with the GPT Store's initial launch, highlighting the need for robust safeguards against inappropriate or harmful content.

OpenAI is actively addressing these challenges through a combination of automated and human review processes, ensuring a safe and enriching environment for GPT development and usage.

OpenAI's bold move with direct GPT invocation marks a significant step towards unlocking the full potential of its technology. By empowering users with contextually aware tools and nurturing a thriving developer community, OpenAI paves the way for a future where ChatGPT becomes not just a chatbot, but a versatile platform for creative collaboration and problem-solving.


The integration of direct GPT access within ChatGPT conversations marks a significant step towards a more interactive and personalized user experience. OpenAI's commitment to addressing challenges and enhancing moderation reflects its dedication to providing a secure and valuable platform.

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