On Diwali, these industrialists' silver, Musk lost, Adani-Ambani earned

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On Diwali, these industrialists' silver, Musk lost, Adani-Ambani earned
26 Oct 2022
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News Synopsis

Muhurta deals were held in the stock markets of the country on Monday the day of Diwali, while normal work was done in the US market throughout the day. India's top 10 industrialists earned well during this period, while the world's richest American businessman Elon Musk got a setback. The share price of Musk's company Tesla fell by about one and a half percent.

On Monday, the wealth of the country's top industrialist Gautam Adani increased by $ 4280 million. He was ranked fourth among the world's rich with a net worth of $123 billion. Similarly, the wealth of Mukesh Ambani, Shiv Nadar, Azim Premji, Radhakrishna Damani, Lakshmi Mittal, Dilip Sanghvi, and Cyrus Poonawalla also increased. Ambani's wealth grew by $284 million, while Shiv Nadar earned $87.5 million. Similarly, Wipro's Azim Premji earned $89.00 million and DMart's Radhakrishna Damani earned $67 billion.

On Monday, normal business was done in the US and other foreign stock markets. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos' wealth rose by $57.30 million to $136 billion on Monday. At the same time, Bernard Arnault also earned $ 69.60 million. Arnault's net worth is $136 billion. Apart from them, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Steve Volmer also earned well on this day. Their assets increased by more than one billion dollars each.

Contrarily, those whose fortune has grown include Charles Koch, Mukesh Ambani, Carlos Slim, Steve Ballmer, Gautam Adani, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Larry Ellison, and Bernard Arnault. The top 15 richest persons in the world are divided among 11 Americans and 2 Indians, according to the report. Mexico and France each contributed one name.