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Ola Exits Google Maps, Saves ₹100 Crore with In-House Ola Maps Integration

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Ola Exits Google Maps, Saves ₹100 Crore with In-House Ola Maps Integration
06 Jul 2024
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News Synopsis

Ola Cabs has announced its complete transition from Google Maps to its proprietary Ola Maps for all its operations, achieving significant annual savings of approximately ₹100 crore.

The move, confirmed by Ola Group's co-founder and chairman Bhavish Aggarwal on the social media platform X, marks a major shift in the company's mapping and location services strategy.

Cost Efficiency and Operational Autonomy

According to Aggarwal, Ola previously incurred an annual expenditure of ₹100 crore on Google Maps services. By developing and fully integrating Ola Maps into their operations, the company has effectively reduced this cost to zero.

This strategic shift not only enhances Ola's operational efficiency but also grants the company greater autonomy over its mapping solutions. Aggarwal encouraged users to update their Ola apps to ensure seamless access to the new in-house mapping features.

Upcoming Features on Ola Maps

Aggarwal hinted at a range of new features that will soon be available on Ola Maps. These include street view, indoor images, NERFs (neural radiance fields), drone maps, and 3D maps.

These enhancements are expected to significantly improve the user experience and provide more comprehensive mapping and navigation services.

Transition to Krutrim AI and Cloud Services

This announcement follows Ola Group's earlier transition of its entire workload from Microsoft Azure to Krutrim, the company's in-house AI firm. In May, Bhavish Aggarwal announced on X that Ola would complete the transition to Krutrim within a week.

Krutrim AI, launched by Ola, offers not only AI solutions but also cloud services and mapping capabilities, further solidifying Ola's commitment to in-house technological advancements.

Future Product Updates and Innovations

Aggarwal also shared plans for ongoing product updates on Krutrim Cloud, indicating a continuous stream of innovations. He mentioned that he would start a weekly product announcement thread on X to keep users informed about new developments and features being rolled out.

Expansion into Location Intelligence Services

Beyond just mapping, Ola Maps aims to offer advanced location intelligence services, leveraging AI computation to provide more accurate and insightful data. This expansion into location intelligence underscores Ola's broader vision of integrating advanced technologies into its service offerings.

Strategic Acquisition of GeoSpoc

Ola's development of Ola Maps is rooted in its strategic acquisition of GeoSpoc, a Pune-based provider of geospatial services, in October 2021. This acquisition has played a crucial role in building Ola's capabilities in the geospatial domain, enabling the company to create robust and innovative mapping solutions in-house.

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