Ola Electric upgrading S1 to S1 Pro for free

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Ola Electric upgrading S1 to S1 Pro for free
31 Dec 2021
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News Synopsis

Ola Electrics have announced that everyone who has bought an S1 scooter will be automatically updated to S1 Pro for free. The update will be only for the hardware of the scooter and the customers will need to pay an amount of 30,000 for the software update of the scooter. 

Both the scooters have similar features except the “Hyper Mode” which is only available in the S1 Pro. Anyone who wants an update to get the hyper mode, cruise control and voice assistance, needs to pay Rs 30,000 more, taking the total cost of S1 to Rs 1,30,000, the same as S1 Pro. 

The company has come out with this strategy so that anyone who is willing to get updates like S1 Pro, a customer would need to spend the 30,000 to reduce the charging time, get its top speed.

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