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Notes And Sketches Of Relativity Theory By Einstein Fetch $13 Million

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24 Nov 2021
4 min read
TWN In-Focus

News Synopsis

Albert Einstein was one of the best researchers and physicists ever. His theory and classified facts of Relativity set a benchmark of his field by presenting better approaches for checking out the development of items in existence. Albert Einstein's handwritten notes for the theory of relativity got a record 11.6 million Euros ($13 million) at a sale in Paris on Tuesday. 

The auction for the sale of the handwritten pager was held by the Christie's Company on Tuesday. The bid opened at 1.5 million Euros and immediately went past auctioneers expectations. It talks about his theory of general relativity, expanding on his theory of extraordinary as well as untouched subjects like relativity from 1905 that was summarized in the renowned condition E=mc2.