No new coal energy project for the next 10 years

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No new coal energy project for the next 10 years
09 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

Central Electricity Authority (CEA) which happens to the planning wing of the Union power ministry, has published a study that says that the country is not going to install any new coal-based energy plant for the coming 10 years. This is because the country will more likely to shift towards green energy production. Solar energy is emerging to be the most preferred among all others as a renewable energy resource. According to the report by CEA, India will achieve a production capacity of 252 gigawatts in 2031-2032 compared to the present capacity of 235 GW because the power plants are still under construction. However, there is going to be a big leap in India’s renewable energy production. It is estimated by 2030 country’s green energy production is going to be increased from 104 GW TO 500 GW.

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