Canada To Extend Ban On Arriving Passenger Flights From India

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Canada To Extend Ban On Arriving Passenger Flights From India
13 Aug 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Another cautious news for Indian citizens. Canada is one of the most beautiful countries to sky gaze, explore serene views and spend quality vacation time with family. So many people want to shift to Canada in view of great quality life and job prospects. But as the COVID continues to take a toll on our nation, lot of countries extend their arm to ban flights from India. This news can be a little disheartening for students who are willing to travel abroad. Because of this decisions, many students have to opt for next year’s intake. Nobody expected that Canada  will again ban flights from India. This stringent flight  rule would most likely take a toll on various students aspiring for foreign education. Who knows what the future hold? There are grim chances that flight ban will be lifted until the end of this year. India’s COVID-19 still remains to send chills down our spine, and this battle is not over yet! So if you aspire to travel abroad for job or education prospects, try enrolling into institutions for next year intake. Meanwhile, let’s wait for something exciting. We are yet to hear good news from foreign waters. This fight against COVID-19 continue to remain etched in our hearts and memories!