Navikenz Raises $4 mn in Seed funding

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Navikenz Raises $4 mn in Seed funding
26 Apr 2022
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News Synopsis

Consulting-led Artificial Intelligence (AI) services company, Navikenz, informed that in its Seed funding round it has raised $4M. This round of funding was led by the former CEO of Aricent, Sudip Nandy, and the former CEO of Hexaware Sekar PRC. Currently, Navikenz plans to expand and further strengthen its position in its industry. After the successful seed funding round, Co-Founder and CEO of Navikenz, Anjan Lahiri, said, “No company needs another line of code – they need higher revenues and lower costs. Technology enables them to do that. People do not need employment, they need employability and a purpose – a reason to come to work every day. Our aim at Navikenz is to give people this sense of purpose, solving problems for customers in a way that makes them leap to log into their computers every day.”

Navikenz was founded by IT Industry veteran Anjan Lahiri,  Samit Deb, Balaji Krishnan, Megha Jain, and Gurudatta Kamath in the year 2021. The artificial-intelligence-based consulting firm is assisting firms to discover and implement AI-enabled solutions to enhance business processes and supplant ‘human effort with human intuition.’

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