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“National Restaurant Association Of India” Will Host 'Cloud Kitchen And Food Delivery Summit'2023

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“National Restaurant Association Of India” Will Host 'Cloud Kitchen And Food Delivery Summit'2023
13 Apr 2023
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News Synopsis

The "Cloud Kitchen and Food Delivery Summit" hosted by DotPe is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), the industry's leading body since 1982. This one-day summit, organized by the NRAI Pune Chapter, will bring together business executives, restaurant operators, and food aggregators working in the Cloud Kitchen and Food Delivery Space. It will take place in Mayfield Estate, Pune.

NRAI hopes to learn more about the market through this summit, discuss the extent of industry advancement, look into prospects that support company growth at all levels, and come up with ideas to improve the total market business with the aid of aggregators. The event will not only feature key figures from the sector but also representatives from the ordering and distribution channels, kitchen infrastructure suppliers, and venture capitalists engaged in this area.

A lamp-lighting ceremony will kick off the summit, followed by the opening keynote address. Panel discussions on subjects that will encourage growth through broad information exchange among all the top participants in the Cloud Kitchen and Food Delivery industry will follow. Additionally, this summit will have an exhibit that will provide partners a chance to showcase their goods and strengthen the image of their brands among potential partners and target audiences.

Praful Chandawarkar, the founder and managing director of NRAI Pune and the chapter head, will be one of the attendees at the summit. Kevin Tellis, NRAIPune Co-Chapter Head and Head of Operations: Toit, Pune, Nicky Ramnani - NRAIPune Treasurer & Managing Partner of Daily All Day and Siddharth Mahadik - NRAIPune Secretary & Owner of Le Plaisir.

The head of the NRAIPune Chapter, Praful Chandawarkar, commented on the impending event by saying, "The food services industry is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Its ecosystem, which earlier comprised restaurants, has now widened with the onset of food delivery partners, cloud kitchens, and virtual restaurants. As industry representatives, we couldn't think of a better time and occasion than Cloud Kitchen and Food Delivery Summit 2023 to bring top restaurant owners, cloud kitchen owners, chefs, investment bankers and private equity firms, merger and acquisition specialists, real estate developers, business brokers, and other restaurant intermediaries, under a common platform."

He concluded."Other than exploring the scope for partnerships, we also want to facilitate opportunities for networking, recognition, and knowledge exchange. A considerable part of the event will also be spent discussing the role of technology in the industry and its scope of deployment in the cloud kitchen and restaurant design space. I urge the industry players to be a part of this important event and contribute their viewpoints valuable for shaping the future of the food industry,"

During this unique event, attendees will hear from the top restaurant and cloud kitchen operators, owners of food delivery services, chefs, reviewers, and food critics. The summit will also provide insight into the most recent client needs and changing market trends.

The Indian restaurant industry is represented by the National Restaurant Association of India NRAI . It was established in 1982 to represent the interests of the industry's 500 000+ restaurants, which is worth INR 4.23 lakh crores. As the largest organization representing the Indian restaurant industry, NRAI seeks to develop and enhance the country's food service industry. NRAI wants to lead the Indian restaurant sector toward more lucrative expansion. It advocates for the members' interests through training, research, industry events, and advocacy.