Amity University Launches Defense Technology MTech To Meet Defense Sector Demands

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Amity University Launches Defense Technology MTech To Meet Defense Sector Demands
08 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

The country's first Defense Technology MTech program was created by Amity University. DRDO and AICTE launched the MTech in Military Technology program in tandem with a national aim to develop the essential talent pool in the defense sector. Design and development, production, team lifecycle support, business advocacy, and mentorship are all areas where an MTech in Defense Technology will help satisfy the rapidly increasing demand. Furthermore, the expanded offering is intended to address the market need for technical leadership and technical expertise.

The MTech in Defense Technology program at Amity University will specialize in six majors: Combat Vehicle Engineering, Aerospace Technology, Sensors, and Communications Systems, High Energy Materials Technology, Naval Technology, and Energy Technology Management. They also provide fantastic chances for large and small initiatives in DRDO labs, Defense Power Supply, and private businesses to generate dedicated defense technology specialists.

The courses offered include a separate new program to promote interdisciplinary education and research courses tailored to the current and future needs of the defense industry. Amity University maintains close relationships with DRDO, the defense industry including the private sector and energy supply industries, as well as national and international partnerships with renowned universities around the world. 

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