Maharashtra records third death due to Delta Plus variant

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Maharashtra records third death due to Delta Plus variant
14 Aug 2021
6 min read

News Synopsis

Delta Variant is said to be the most dangerous Coronavirus variant till now and it is this variant that is most likely to spread across the country during the highly dreaded third wave. Many researchers have already pointed out how dangerous the situation can become if the delta variant reaches the masses. We already saw how our medical infrastructure collapsed on its head during the second wave. God knows what will happen if the delta variant catches fire. 

To stop the spread of the delta variant, the center must take all the required steps and try to contain the Delta variant. But till now, the government seems to have again gone soft just as it happened right before the second wave. People are roaming freely without any concern about social distancing whatsoever. Masks have come off and public spaces have been re-opened for use. All these indicate how the center has again gone lenient. This must stop now. The Center should send strict notice to all the state government to follow the COVID guidelines and maintain all laws otherwise the catastrophe would be unimaginable. 

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