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Mexican President Proposes Name of Indian PM Narendra Modi For Panel On World Peace

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Mexican President Proposes Name of Indian PM Narendra Modi For Panel On World Peace
11 Aug 2022
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News Synopsis

 Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador intends to submit a written request to the United Nations to establish a committee made up of three world leaders, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to support a five-year global ceasefire. "I'll put my suggestion in writing and deliver it to the UN. I've been saying it and am hoping that the media will assist us get the word out. They don't speak because it's inconvenient for them," Obrador stated during a press conference.

The top commission should comprise Pope Francis, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to the Mexican president's proposal. The commission's goal would be to submit a plan to end wars everywhere and come to a consensus on the need to seek a cease-fire for at least five years.

The three of them would get together soon and "present a proposal to stop the war everywhere, and reach an agreement to seek a truce of at least five years, so that governments around the world dedicate themselves to support their peoples, especially the people who are suffering the most from the war and its effects; that we have five years without tension, without violence, and with peace," he said.

The Mexican president urged a halt to aggressive behaviour and welcomed China, Russia, and the United States to work toward peace in the hopes that they "would listen and accept an intermediation such as the one we are proposing." That's a paragraph. That's what they have done in a year, he said. "Tell them that by their confrontations, in no more than a year, they have caused this: they have precipitated the global economic crisis, they have increased inflation and caused food shortages, more poverty, and, worst of all, in a year, because of the confrontations, so many people have lost their lives," he added.

The suggested cease-fire, in Obrador's opinion, would make it easier to establish accords with Taiwan, Israel, and Palestine rather than encourage further hostilities. Additionally, he urged all states to support the UN rather than the bureaucratic process via which proposals and initiatives are offered.


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