Meta Unveils Shortcut Button for AI-Powered Chatbot on WhatsApp

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Meta Unveils Shortcut Button for AI-Powered Chatbot on WhatsApp
20 Nov 2023
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News Synopsis

Meta Trials Shortcut Button for WhatsApp's AI-Powered Chatbot: Report

Meta's trial involves introducing a shortcut for an AI-driven chatbot in WhatsApp's Chats menu, targeting select Android users through the platform's latest beta update .

The update integrates a shortcut button placed above the 'Start New Chat' option, facilitating swift access to AI-powered conversations without navigating through the contact list.

Testing Phase and Availability

This feature's initial testing phase is exclusive to specific users leveraging the latest WhatsApp beta version on Android from the Google Play Store. Over the forthcoming weeks, the rollout is anticipated to encompass a broader user base, extending accessibility to more WhatsApp users.

Meta's Vision for AI Chatbots

In September, Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled plans for AI-powered chats aimed at assisting users in daily activities by offering suggestions and prompt responses. Although an official release timeline remains unconfirmed, Meta's progression suggests an imminent stable update in the ensuing weeks.

Advantages of Dedicated Shortcut

The integration of a dedicated AI chatbot shortcut in the Chats menu streamlines user experience, enabling direct access to AI-driven functionalities without navigating through the traditional contact list.

WhatsApp's Voice Chat Expansion

WhatsApp recently introduced a novel voice chat feature tailored for large groups, resembling a group call but providing a quieter entry option with in-chat popup notifications. This update allows seamless entry and exit from voice chats, minimizing disruptions for both active and passive participants.

Enhanced Group Communication

The voice chat controls, positioned atop the chat screen during active voice sessions, empower users to engage in text communication concurrently with ongoing voice interactions, fostering a harmonious group conversation environment.

Global Rollout by Meta

Meta initiates the global rollout of the voice chat feature across Android and iOS devices, prioritizing large groups comprising 33 or more members initially, showcasing their commitment to enhancing WhatsApp's group communication dynamics.

Relevant and Latest Facts about WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp has started rolling out a new shortcut for an AI-powered chatbot.

  • The AI chatbot is designed to assist people with their daily activities.

  • The AI chatbot is currently being tested by a select group of Android users.

  • The AI chatbot is expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.

New voice chat feature of WhatsApp

Meta is also rolling out a new voice chat feature for large groups on WhatsApp. The new feature is similar to a group call but allows people to join in quietly with an in-chat popup notification. Users can join and leave the voice chat whenever they want without disrupting the conversation.

The call controls are available on top of the chat screen while the voice chat is active, allowing both participating and non-participating members to send text messages. Meta is rolling out voice chat globally on both Android and iOS devices, starting with large groups with 33 members or more.

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