Meta's Threads Introduces Trending Topics Feature, Following X's Footsteps

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Meta's Threads Introduces Trending Topics Feature, Following X's Footsteps
13 Feb 2024
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News Synopsis

Meta's Threads is set to enhance user experience with the rollout of a trending topics feature, reminiscent of the one seen on X (formerly Twitter). Responding to user requests, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the feature's initiation in the US, with plans for a broader rollout across countries and languages.

Meta's Threads Trending Topics Feature:

Confirming the launch through his Threads account, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the trending topics feature is currently undergoing a small test in the US. The feature aims to highlight popular discussions of the day, providing users with real-time insights into current conversations. The deployment of trending topics aligns with user expectations and enhances Threads' functionality.

Instagram's Today's Topics Feature:

Simultaneously, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced the introduction of the "Today's Topics" feature. This feature, available in the search page and the user's For You feed, will showcase trending topics selected by Instagram's AI systems. Mosseri emphasized that these topics would be determined based on user engagement, ensuring relevancy and accuracy.

Decision-Making Process for Trending Topics:

According to Mosseri, the trending topics on Threads and Instagram will be curated by AI systems. These systems employ machine learning algorithms that consider factors such as user engagement, trending discussions, and political trends. The goal is to present users with topics that accurately reflect the ongoing conversations on the platforms.

Some latest updates of Instagram:

Instagram Reels updates:

  • Song lyrics: Similar to Stories, users can now add song lyrics to their Reels, making them more engaging and expressive.
  • Undo/redo, crop, scale, rotate, zoom: New editing tools in Reels allow for easier and more precise video creation.
  • Preview and rename drafts: Save progress on Reels and revisit them later for refinement.
  • Access to trending audio: Creators can easily include popular sounds in their Reels.
  • Meme creation support: Add clips with audio from Instagram's media clip hub to create your own memes.
  • New text-to-speech voices and fonts: More options for customizing text overlays in Reels.

Instagram General updates:

  • Polls in comments: Foster interaction and gather feedback with polls directly within comment sections of Reels and feed posts.
  • Location tags in Notes: Currently in testing, this feature allows users to add location tags to their Notes, enhancing discoverability.
  • Updated Insights: Instagram Analytics now offers a wider timeframe (90 days) for data analysis and includes live video performance metrics.

Upcoming Instagram features (not yet released):

  • Direct Messaging (DMs) in Threads: Enables private chats within the Threads app.
  • Profile Switching: Seamlessly switch between multiple accounts without logging out.
  • Improved Web Posting: Enhanced options for editing alt text and adding attachments to web posts.

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As Meta continues to evolve its platforms, the introduction of trending topics on Threads and Instagram reflects a commitment to enhancing user engagement and providing real-time insights. 

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