Meta Launches Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Facebook-streaming glasses

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Meta Launches Artificial Intelligence Assistant, Facebook-streaming glasses
29 Sep 2023
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News Synopsis

Meta's Latest Innovations: AI Assistants, Facebook-Streaming Glasses, and VR Updates

Meta Platforms, led by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, unveiled groundbreaking AI products at the Meta Connect conference, emphasizing the integration of virtual and real-world experiences.

The array of offerings includes new AI assistants, upgraded virtual-reality headsets, and the next generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses with enhanced capabilities.

Facebook-Streaming Glasses and Meta AI Assistant:

The latest Ray-Ban smart glasses, set to ship on October 17 at $299, will feature a new Meta AI assistant. These smart glasses can livestream broadcasts directly to Facebook and Instagram, providing users with an immersive sharing experience.

The Meta AI assistant, integrated into the glasses, introduces advanced functionalities and sets the stage for future developments. A software update planned for next year will enable the assistant to identify objects and places, along with language translation.

Quest Mixed-Reality Headset Updates:

The updated Quest mixed-reality headset, shipping from October 10, promises enhanced capabilities and is positioned as the best value in the VR industry. Meta's Quest series has established itself as a leading player in the nascent VR space, with Zuckerberg acknowledging the impending release of a higher-priced headset from Apple.

Generative AI Products:

Meta introduced its first consumer-facing generative AI products, including a chatbot named Meta AI. This chatbot can not only generate text responses but also create photo-realistic images. The incorporation of AI in consumer products aims to provide users with innovative and interactive experiences.

Building a Custom AI Platform:

Meta announced plans to create a platform enabling developers and users to build their custom AI bots. These bots will have profiles on Instagram and Facebook and could eventually become avatars in the metaverse. The move aligns with Meta's vision of a more personalized and engaging digital environment.

Xbox Cloud Gaming on Quest:

In another significant development, Zuckerberg announced that Xbox cloud gaming would be available on Quest starting in December, enhancing the gaming experience for users of the VR headset.

Strategic Direction:

Mark Zuckerberg highlighted Meta's commitment to making advanced technologies more accessible and affordable. The company aims to innovate not only by introducing entirely new concepts but also by democratizing existing technologies, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Meta AI's Ethical Considerations:

Addressing potential privacy concerns, Meta Global Affairs President Nick Clegg emphasized the steps taken to filter private details from the data used to train Meta AI. Certain restrictions, such as a ban on creating realistic images of public figures, aim to ensure responsible use of AI technologies.

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