Meta adds support for collaborative posts in third-party Instagram and Reels APIs

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Meta adds support for collaborative posts in third-party Instagram and Reels APIs
01 Nov 2023
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News Synopsis

Meta Enhances API with Collaborative Posting and Organic Reels Insights for Third-Party Apps

Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, is rolling out significant enhancements to its API to offer more functionality for third-party social management apps. These updates aim to simplify the content management and posting process, making it more convenient for users and businesses.

Collaborative Posting via API

One of the key additions to the Instagram and Reels APIs is the inclusion of collaborative posting. This means that users will soon have the capability to publish collaborative posts through third-party social management apps.

Instagram recently introduced Collaborative Posts, enabling users to invite others to contribute their images and videos to a carousel post. This feature will now extend to third-party apps, providing users with greater flexibility in their posting options.

Organic Reels Insights

Meta is also integrating Organic Reels insights into the API. This addition will offer more comprehensive data for content planning. As businesses and creators strive to optimize their content, having access to detailed insights on Reels performance is invaluable. The inclusion of Organic Reels insights in the API will facilitate better-informed content strategies.

Copyright Protection for Facebook Video API

To further streamline the posting process and ensure content goes live without any hindrances, Meta is introducing a new copyright protection element to the Facebook Video API. This feature will enable users to check for potential copyright issues before publishing their media.

Similar to Instagram and Facebook Video API, this element will help users identify and address any copyright concerns that could prevent their content from being published.

Meta's Commitment to API Updates

Meta is committed to updating its API swiftly to provide posting parity within approved third-party social management apps. These enhancements benefit users who manage multiple platforms through a single management tool, offering a wider range of options to maximize their Facebook and Instagram video content.

All of these new features will be accessible within their respective APIs starting October 30, 2023. However, it may take some time for these features to be fully integrated into your preferred social management platform.

Stay tuned for these exciting additions, which promise to make content management and posting even more efficient and user-friendly.

Latest Facts about Meta:

  • Meta has been steadily updating its APIs in recent months to give third-party social management apps more functionality.

  • The latest updates include support for collaborative posts in the Instagram and Reels APIs, as well as organic Reels insights.

  • Meta has also updated the Facebook Video API with a new copyright protection feature.

  • All of these features are expected to be available on October 30, 2023.


The latest updates to Meta's APIs are good news for users of third-party social management apps. They will give users more options for posting to Instagram and Reels, and help them to plan their content more effectively.

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