Mercury at 49 deg C in Parts of Delhi

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Mercury at 49 deg C in Parts of Delhi
16 May 2022
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With a severe heatwave lashing the country's capital and adjoining areas on Sunday, the mercury level soared to 49.2 degrees Celsius in Mungeshpur in northwest Delhi and 49.1 degrees Celsius in Najafgarh, south-west of the city.

The maximum temperature reached 48.4 °C in the sports complex, 47.5 °C in Jafarpur, 47.3 °C in Pitampura, and 47.2 °C at the Ridge. The maximum temperature at Delhi's base station Safdarjung Observatory reached five degrees above normal and the maximum temperature so far this year reached 45.6 degrees Celsius.

The primary weather station had recorded a maximum temperature of 44.2 degrees Celsius on Saturday and 42.5 degrees Celsius on Friday. Neighboring Gurgaon recorded a temperature of 48.1 degrees Celsius, the highest since May 10, 1966, when the city recorded 49 degrees Celsius.

According to weather forecasters, the cyclone cycle in Punjab and Haryana will bring pre-monsoon activity that may provide some relief from the heatwave on Monday and Tuesday.

Delhi recorded a very small rainfall of 0.3 mm in April, compared to a monthly average of 12.2 mm. Rainfall in March was zero compared to the normal  15.9 mm. IMD  predicted that temperatures in May would be higher than normal.

A heatwave is declared when the maximum temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius and is at least 4.5 notches higher than normal. According to IMD, when the deviation from room temperature exceeds 6.4 levels, a violent heatwave is generated.

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