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Mercedes EQA 250+ Electric SUV: Features and Performance

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Mercedes EQA 250+ Electric SUV: Features and Performance
08 Jul 2024
5 min read

News Synopsis

The Mercedes EQA 250+ marks the brand's entry into the electric SUV market, blending luxury with sustainability. It aims to appeal to those seeking premium electric vehicles around the Rs. 60 lakh mark, offering a distinctive three-pointed star experience.

Mercedes EQA 250+ Tech and Luxury Features

The EQA 250+ elevates the standard GLA with advanced technology and luxurious touches. It welcomes occupants with a projected Mercedes tristar on the ground upon opening the door, accompanied by illuminated sill plates.

Inside, the cabin boasts rose gold-accented seats made from recycled PET bottles, complemented by a sports steering wheel and turbine-style AC vents. Dual 10.25-inch screens with the latest NTG 7 OS offer customizable graphics and optional sound enhancements via the MercedesMe app.

Advanced Features and Customization

Equipped exclusively in its fully loaded variant, the EQA 250+ includes a head-up display, Augmented Reality navigation, and a Burmester sound system with Dolby Atmos support.

Unique to its segment, it features a driver knee airbag and offers ADAS capabilities. Additional highlights like Gesture Control, 360-degree cameras, and electrically adjustable seats enhance its appeal, ensuring a high-tech and comfortable driving experience.

Audio and Driving Experience

The 12-speaker Burmester audio system delivers powerful sound with the option for Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio via Apple Music through the MBUX system. While impressive, users opting for wireless Apple CarPlay sacrifice Dolby Atmos music streaming.

The EQA's driving dynamics include gamification to encourage efficient driving, supported by a 70.5kWh battery offering a claimed range of 497-560 km.

User Experience and Navigation

Despite innovative features like Google Maps overlaying navigation on a camera feed, practicality in Indian conditions remains a concern. The all-color HUD offers adjustable settings and various display modes, enhancing driver convenience and safety awareness.

Performance and Handling

Powered by 185hp/385Nm, the EQA 250+ offers brisk acceleration suitable for urban and highway driving. Its front-wheel-drive setup handles corners adeptly, with responsive steering and a comfortable, if slightly stiff, ride quality.


Mercedes' EQA 250+ positions itself as a sophisticated choice in the compact EV segment, focusing on luxury, sustainability, and technological innovation. With robust performance and a range approaching claims, it sets a benchmark for electric SUVs in its class, appealing to those seeking both environmental consciousness and premium driving experience.

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