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Mercedes-Benz Foresees EV-Only Production exclusive

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Mercedes-Benz Foresees EV-Only Production exclusive
22 Feb 2022
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News Synopsis

Mercedes expects to have factories making electric vehicles in the second half of the decade, but will refrain from building EV-only plans instead of keeping production lines flexible so that production lines can keep pace with market demand. 

According to the chief Jeorge Burzer, the carmaker factory is planning to go fully electric with some production lines even sooner. 

He further said that the company’s approach is an alternative to building a whole factory from scratch for battery electric vehicles because it takes time to build a factory.

Mr. Bazaar said with the launch of EQE  in Bremen and Beijing, we are in a segment where we can offer far more products. 

According to Mercedes-Benz Cars, only 2.3% of last year's sales were battery-powered electric vehicles, but with the addition of plug-in hybrid vehicles with both motors and batteries, it will rise to 11%.

The company predicts that electric and hybrid electric vehicles will account for 50% of total sales by 2025, with pure electric vehicles accounting for the majority. 

 In Germany and Hungary, batteries are transported by rail from Sindelfingen's main plants to plants that produce vehicles with internal combustion engines. All existing models are built into factories that also produce gasoline vehicles.

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