Meghalaya Govt will Power its Remote Health Centers using Solar Tech

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Meghalaya Govt will Power its Remote Health Centers using Solar Tech
11 Apr 2022
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News Synopsis

An official of the Meghalaya government, on Saturday, informed that the Government has successfully installed solar-powered devices in 100 health centers in remote villages. The Meghalaya government said that in order to improve the functioning of these health centers and to make sure to provide health services even in the remotest part of the state, they aim to cover all rural health centers under the solar power scheme and deploy solar power technology.

A senior health official informed that in its pilot program, it has successfully powered 100 sub-centers in the 11 districts with solar devices under the National Health Mission. Various essential equipment such as radiant warmer, suction apparatus, spotlight, solar direct drive vaccine refrigerator, and luminaries, were installed and made functional.

The official further informed that the state government has joined hands with SELCO Foundation to scale the remaining 342 sub-centers and 122 primary health centers (PHCs). Joint Secretary Ram Kumar, who leads the National health Mission said: "Having consistent energy flow into the health systems, builds the confidence among people on the services provided by the health systems." The government intends to provide consistent healthcare services irrespective of their location and terrain by implementing this scheme.

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