Malaysian Bar Names Cocktails After Covid-19 Vaccination

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Malaysian Bar Names Cocktails After Covid-19 Vaccination
21 Sep 2021
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News Synopsis

A Malaysian bar is selling bottled cocktails named after commonplace Covid-19 antibiotics, with the alcoholic quantities being poured on the table. While the pandemic-themed comedy may not appeal to everyone, the beverages, dubbed Pfizermeister, Sinosour, and ExtraGineca and advertised as "lockdown boredom busters," are popular, everyone in Malaysia was anxious because they hadn't received their vaccines. Everyone was anxious for their vaccine injections since the vaccination push was not as enthused as it is now. So I think a lot of people were wondering, like the subject of the day at the time: "When am I going to receive my vaccination?"

Close-up the label of the Pfizermeister bottles, one of the three vaccination cocktail bottles, includes the contents, serving amount, and suggested usage shot in the middle Bottled cocktails inspired by Covid-19 vaccinations, including Pfizermeister, ExtraGineca, and Sinosour, are displayed on a bar counter with a syringe and drinking glass. SOUNDBITE 2 - Koh Yung Shen, Backdoor Bodega proprietor has said, "Because we know Pfizer (and BioNTech) is an American-German corporation, we experimented with American bourbon and Jägermeister, which is a German herbal liqueur."

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