Maharashtra Reports 6,126 New Covid-19 Cases; Districts Remain Alert

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Maharashtra Reports 6,126 New Covid-19 Cases; Districts Remain Alert
31 Aug 2021
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News Synopsis

India is going through a relaxation period which was rolled out due to the low number of COVID cases. But many researchers and health professionals had already warned the government with the third wave and that’s exactly what’s happening. Currently, Maharashtra and Karela are the two states that are most affected by this. But if the central government doesn’t take strict measures to control the spread of the delta variant of the Coronavirus. 

We all remember what went down during the second wave of the Pandemic in March. There was a total collapse of the health sector of India. Hospitals were running out of basic equipment such as Oxygen cylinders. It led to a massive number of deaths and there was complete chaos everywhere. Seems like the government hasn’t learned its lesson as it is repeating the same mistakes again. Many public spaces have been opened for business and the strict regulations around masks and social distancing have gone soft. If all this stays the same, it’s not long before the delta strain spreads all over the country. It will be even more lethal because the delta strain of the virus spreads way faster than the corona virus itself.

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