Luxury holiday homes gaining traction in the new normal

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Luxury holiday homes gaining traction in the new normal
11 Oct 2021
7 min read

News Synopsis

Because of the shift due to the pandemic, people’s lifestyles have changed drastically. A short sabbatical to a tropical island is what most people crave during the harsh crisis that changed our lives. People are making efforts to either settle abroad or invest in rental/holiday homes for a brief period. It's a great stress buster to escape the madness of one's native country. Many are hunting for global exposure which leaves plenty of room to search for properties online. Indian citizens work hard to see the stars in daylight, this narrative can be joined by saving, investing, and splurging to maximum potential, for tasting a different life of sophisticated atmosphere. Due to social distancing, maintaining hygiene practices, and trying to elevate sustainable living, many have their eyes glued upon spacious homes, and exploring a large lifestyle is their ultimate goal. While keeping all this aside, people's maximum savings prove that they can lead a better life in the coming years. Indians are working hard to fulfill their dreams, this can be noticed in the statistics of how many people are travelling to foreign countries especially the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. At least pandemic effects left people with making sensible decisions, there's no doubt about that.

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