Louis Vuitton Turns 200

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Louis Vuitton Turns 200
01 Nov 2021
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News Synopsis

This year marks a unique milestone for the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton, the high-end luxury brand that turns 200 this year, leaving behind a trail of absolute craftsmanship and luxury couture for the people who live and inspire luxury. 

Louis Vuitton was established in 1854, a luxury brand that dealt in crafting trunks that were quick to gain popularity across the globe, from Russian royals to Indian kings and queens, and since then the brand has been synonyms with all kinds of fashion accessories and custom dresses in the modern among all celebrities and others from the elite section of society. 

Author Caroline Bongrand has been working on a book on the creator of the company, who goes by the name Louis Vuitton. She describes him as a stubborn, passionate, and serious kind of young man who knew that the future would be dominated by travel and fashion and left no stone unturned to leave his mark in the history of fashion. 

At present, the brand boasts a staggering headquarter in Paris, France, with a brand value of 47.2 billion dollars, and according to Forbes magazine, Louis Vuitton is ranked at ninth position among the world’s most valuable brands in 2020.

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