Lamborghini to Release NFTs Next Month

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Lamborghini to Release NFTs Next Month
29 Jan 2022
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News Synopsis

Italian luxury car-maker, Lamborghini has announced that the company is planning to release NFT next month. Earlier to Lamborghini, companies like Nike, Samsung, and other major tech companies have already launched their NFTs.

The company has said that this is the first NFT project of Lamborghini. It has developed five art pieces in a collaboration with the artist Fabian Oefner. The art pieces will go on auction on February 1.

The art pieces are made by a physical element and an NFT component. The company has also used the Space Key which is a piece of carbon fiber sent to outer space by Lamborghini.

The NFT images depict a Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate, lifting off the stars A. All five images depict the individual moments within seconds from each other as the car rises above the earth as parts of the car are shooting away from the chassis like the exhaust flame of a rocket.

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