L&T Technology Services Partners with NVIDIA to Enhance Medical Imaging via AI

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L&T Technology Services Partners with NVIDIA to Enhance Medical Imaging via AI
20 Nov 2023
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News Synopsis

L&T Technology Services Surges on Collaborative Venture with NVIDIA to Enhance AI-Enabled Medical Imaging

L&T Technology Services experiences a notable surge, driven by its recent collaboration with NVIDIA to engineer software-defined architectures tailored for medical devices, particularly in endoscopy. This innovative leap aims to significantly enhance image quality and scalability within medical products.

Empowering Real-Time Decision-Making in Medicine

The partnership introduces a scalable platform catering to diverse applications, offering a real-time decision-making tool essential for the medical industry's advancements. L&T Technology Services underscores this architecture's potential to alleviate industry-wide challenges related to hardware dependency, cost, and availability.

Cutting-Edge Architectural Features

The architecture encompasses an image processing pipeline incorporating vital enhancements such as noise reduction, contrast improvement, texture and color enrichment, and speckle correction. Additionally, the integration of AI/ML models enables the detection and classification of polyps, crucial findings during colonoscopies.

Unveiling the Scalable Solution

This innovative solution eliminates performance bottlenecks and guarantees superior image processing. It assures low-latency data transfer and empowers real-time AI applications without compromising on scalability.

Testimony to Evolving Business Models

Shanker Trivedi, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business at NVIDIA, lauds the collaboration for offering a comprehensive solution, facilitating businesses' transition towards a software-defined model employing real-time AI applications.

Growth Trajectory and Expansions

Earlier discussions with Amit Chadha, MD and CEO of L&T Technology Services, revealed the company's ambitious plan to onboard 2,000 freshers this year, already securing over 1,000 recruits. Such expansion efforts anticipate significant growth over the upcoming quarters.

Financial Highlights

In the recent fiscal quarter, L&T Technology Services experienced a 1.4% sequential rise in net profit, reaching ₹315.4 crore compared to ₹311.1 crore. Concurrently, the company's revenue surged by 3.7% sequentially, standing at ₹2,386.5 crore from ₹2,301.4 crore in the preceding quarter.

Current Market Trends

At the time of reporting, shares of L&T Technology Services were trading at ₹4,520 apiece on the BSE, marking a 1.49% increase in value.

Relevant and Latest Facts:

  • The software-defined architecture developed by L&T Technology Services and NVIDIA addresses industry-wide challenges of availability, cost, and dependencies linked to custom and proprietary hardware components.

  • The architecture incorporates an image processing pipeline for noise reduction, edge and contrast improvement, texture and color enrichment, and speckle correction.

  • AI/Machine Learning models embedded in the solution detect, identify, and classify polyps, potentially reducing misdiagnosis and improving patient outcomes.

  • The real-time decision-making tool enabled by the architecture provides physicians with immediate insights during endoscopy procedures.

  • The partnership between L&T Technology Services and NVIDIA aligns with the growing trend of AI-powered medical imaging solutions.

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