IT Firm Gifts BMW Cars to its Employees

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IT Firm Gifts BMW Cars to its Employees
11 Apr 2022
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News Synopsis

Kissflow Inc, a global software-as-a-service company, presented five BMW cars worth Rs 1 crore each to senior management on Friday to recognize their loyalty and commitment to the company.

The delivery ceremony was obscured as some of the five recipients of the car were informed just hours before the event that they were the proud owners of expensive luxury brands.

According to Kissflow Inc CEO Suresh Sambandam, all five employees were with the company from its inception. According to Sambandam, some of the car's recipients had a humble background and experienced a variety of challenges before joining his company. 

The company also faced many hurdles in the process, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, some investors even questioned whether the company would thrive.

With much fanfares, five BMW 530ds were rolled in one after another and installed in parallel with the families of each of the five members, greatly delighting the gathered employees.

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